Participating Organizations

Middletown Helps Its Own would like to thank the following organizations for their consistent help throughout the year:

Middletown Lions

Middletown Elks

Knights of Columbus

Middletown Reformed Church

Middletown Fire Departments (All 11 stations)

First Aid Squads: Middletown, Port Monmouth, Leonardo, Fairview, Lincroft

New Monmouth Baptist Church

Middletown P.B.A. 124

Middletown Police Explorer post 102

Middletown Township Schools (17)

Middletown Boy scout and Girl scout troops

Contact Information

President- Don Skrivanek

Phone- 732-787-3604



"As long as there are people in Middletown who need help...and people and organizations in Middletown who are willing to help, Middletown Helps Its Own will be there to help."

Middletown Helps Its Own  |  P.O. BOX 105  |  Port Monmouth, NJ   07758